UAB Psych Unit Renovations at North Pavilion Hospital – 5th Floor

A Murray Building Company Healthcare Project
University of Alabama Board of Trustees
Kahn South
Square Footage
Birmingham, Alabama

The project deadline was set prior to design of the project; therefore once the project went out to bid, the timeline had been condensed to a time frame with very little flexibility. The occupancy date was set and Hospital planning was relying on that date in order to move existing patients and house new incoming patients. MBC ensured the occupancy date would be achieved by designing a very comprehensive master project schedule and making it an integral part to each subcontractor’s contract. This project schedule was referenced at each O.A.C. meeting every week and each subcontractor was held accountable for maintaining their own schedule and ensuring it reflected the master project schedule designed by MBC. This process also required multiple subs to work simultaneously using non-traditional methods. Constant communication and interaction, in reference to the project schedule, was pertinent to a successful project for MBC and the client.

Interior hallway

Sitting area

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